Escape The Unruly World Of Strange Phobias

Strange PhobiasA phobia is a fear of strange things, like heights, spiders, closed spaces and many more. It causes more adrenaline to flow in you leading to shaking, nausea, blurred vision and anxiety attacks. It causes an irrational fear which encompasses your entire being. Sometimes, people associate related things to the fear and lose their mental equilibrium. For example, if you have strange phobias which cause you to be afraid of snakes, then you might be perturbed by the sight of any type of rope or wires. Strange phobias have a tendency of surfacing at the wrong times and causing a lot of embarrassment.

Some people also have an aversion of fish. Even the sight of fish can lead them to feel nauseous. Fish can include various varieties, including prawn. The smell of fish can also be included in strange phobias. This is in fact, a common occurrence. Most people cannot tolerate the sight or smell of fish. It is very difficult for such people with such strange phobias to take fish oil as a part of their diet. They can however, take fish oil supplements in the form of capsules which does not have the smell of fish.

Strange phobias are learned or acquired. This means if you have a phobia of eating fish, the phobia may be acquired by your son or daughter. They can travel through your genes. Strange phobias can be treated by psychotherapy and counseling. Phobias should be treated as soon as possible lest they go out of control. It should be accepted that having strange phobias is quite common and so is the treatment. A proper treatment in time will make your life much easier.