Goyard luggage — details of the love, always focussed on the matter

A present value, already not limited to brand, style and price it. Saw a flashgifts, if you can feel the gift of love, to experience the same kind of state of mind, that is the real meaning of gifts. Always focussed on the matter, let lovewarm winter Goyard Totes in the Valentine’s day. Goyard (Gao Yade) with its high-qualityheritage and rich heritage, the traditional value com. and modern idea,produce a variety of long-term practical and beautiful popular classic style. All kinds of small leather Goyard bag brand most incisive reveals the essence of its traditional technology and creativity, more variety of styles to meet differentcustomer’s individual needs. Goyard Matignon zipper wallet, external is splicedcanvas with leather waterproof coating, not easy to scratch, durable; lining iscombined with yellow sheepskin and cowhide, softer, fold. Matignon bags aredivided into different layers can be classified display notes, change and bank cards, both beauty and convenience. Goyard Castiglione notebook cover,pure canvas design from point Y word printing fabric of nineteenth Century and be consistent from beginning to end of the perfect quality, the materialtechnology and creative bags into them, with the sense of the times and theliterary flavor, internal Goyard exclusive can change the page, the atmosphereof luxury. Diagram for the Navy, sky blue, Bordeaux red and orange. GoyardSorbonne hand bag, design simple, classic style, large capacity, a variety of sizes and colors available. Mix different colors and sizes can be composed of a couple of styles of fashion hand bag. If couples can receive this gift, canimmediately understand each other, full of mind: love, maximum tolerance;love, the need to protect the most careful; when the city is full of the breath of love, hope that a small gift to prepare to take the sweet with the tacit understanding more.

Top fashion closely China melody

Top fashion industry is dominated by the American and China; the former is the superpower, the latter is a future superpower. But the left end productsmanufacturer and retailer behavior, not just the weak dollar and Chineseconsumers increasingly strong purchasing power.

Spain and Sweden the two much smaller countries, with its well-known brandvitality Goyard Purse exerts a subtle influence: Zara and Hennes&Mauritz both garment manufacturers produced clothing although the price is not high, but theelegant fashion. However, let us have a look the superpower’s top fashion.The typical products of modern fashion product manufacturers, namelyexpensive handbags, watches, dress and other kinds of commodities trading,recently USA market not only play a supporting role, it also had some negative effect.

USA on top fashion product demand, just the effect of continental Europe’s downturn offset. Because America tourists prefer to vacation in their own homeland, rather than ”adventure” go to Europe: when they are in the street of Paris Coffee hall to a cup of Coffee price into the dollar, that number maymake myocardial infarction.

Famous jewelry manufacturer Cartire International Group CEO Bernard Fornas said, this is the result of the recent European less attractive thanfactors America, Asia and the Middle East one. Of course, the Franco Germanunemployment worryingly high, consumer purchasing power is not strong, is only part of the problem. Fornas said: ”there is a part of the reason is that the number of European visitors is not enough.” Also, Americans are not willing to”spend money they can to lower prices in the country to buy goods”.

The dollar relative to the overall impact of euro is very serious, many European companies from USA market profit is reduced.

The export product prices USA, to some extent alleviate the negative effect.But manufacturers must be careful to grasp the rise in prices, so consumers tocheaper alternatives.

On the other side of the globe, with the growing Chinese wealth ”, more and more consumer Temple”, Chinese influence this remarkable.

To Louis Vuitton new store in Shanghai as an example, in its French parent company Louis Weedon Hinnis group, many people do There were many discussions. Louis Vuitton first entered Shanghai, scale is not large, only in a hotel in the basement of the small, and now the new dazzling. Compared to many in more established business district Louis Vuitton store, which sells thebrand new jewelry store, Goyard Tote can let a client enjoy more comprehensive shopping experience.

Last year, an aspiring business forecast in France’s top fashion and retail giant PPR Group subsidiary Gucci, which is full of optimism for the Chinesemarket. The company said from Unilever recruited chief executive Robert Pole,Gucci core brand scale in 7 years doubled.

However, these are mainly from the West’s top fashion group, should be howto expand the market China speed. Therefore, people have different views.

Munir Mafali is the top fashion industry veteran. Now, he is the chief executive officer of the two noble brand: originated in nineteenth Century, boutiques andGoyard luggage manufacturers.

Mafali said, ”China and India demographic data itself is illustrative”. But he also said, the temporary wait and see, but not to explore the market immediately, to obtain the greatest victory.

Legend of a century — Goyard and dream of travel bags

The Goyard family originated in France Burgundy, engaged in timber work of discharge. By virtue of familiarity and understanding of wood, Fran ç OISGoyard into Goyard Totes the Morel family business office. Once the service in the French royal family Morel family since 1792 engaged in board box, box and packaging business. In 1853 Fran ç OIS Goyard took Mr. Morel’s scepter, in downtown Paris, the Noel (Saint Honor é) Street No. 233 opened the Goyard family epic chapter.

Goyard Y the word Logo was born perfect to create the classic LOGO

Fran ç OIS Goyard son – Edmond Goyard opened the Goyard family’s glory.In 1892 launched a waterproof canvas by linen, cotton and flax blended together, durable as the outer fabric bags. Lightweight and durable compared with leather, fabric will be launched by the beautiful world, become meaningfulclassic. During the same period, Goyard is now known as color painted Y wordLogo was born. In nineteenth Century the European in the spirit of the golden age, the roar in the steam whistle misty in Europeans, with infinite longing forthe outside world began to dream trip. Extensive use of travel bags is endowed with luggage maker new artistic mission and respected position. Noble and elegant design, exquisite quality of raw materials, with exquisite manufacturinghand let Goyard family became one of the pioneers of the art of luggage.

In 1925, the son of Edmond Robert Goyard working in the family business, thecompany changed its name to “E.Goyard Ain é”. The plane began to gradually replace the trend of the train, Goyard once again walk in the forefront of.Robert developed bags more lightweight flexible, in order to adapt to the new era of air travel demand. As the initiator and the French leather industryVendome committee chairman, Robert will promote French art carry bags.

In 1998, Signloes family officially took over the Goyard. The Millennium comes,Goyard home has entered into a new era shine.

Goyard advanced customization adhering to the traditional hand making process

In 2002, Goyard launched a new fabric colors, the classical design with morededuction: red, green, blue, red, yellow, white, orange, silver and gold. Goyard will be the continuation of traditional advanced customization and deepen,drawing the initials, ribbons and badges and other customized servicesgradually introduced. Goyard always uphold the traditional production process,and will forever products into a new sense of the times, introduced a moreportable products – the trunk, suitcase, bags, handbags, small leather goodsetc.. In 2008 June, Saint-Honor é Paris Street No. 352 opened a franchisefamily pet supplies store, the classical writing will be founded in 1890 Goyard pet department.

Goyard (Gao Yade) well-known in the world of trunk show

Since its inception in 1853, Goyard (Gao Yade) luxury bags brand for making good luggage for the gentry and the suitcase to accompany. In the last two centuries, many well-known artists, industry leader, the head of state or theRoyal figures are involved in the creation process of Goyard, and thus createa rich brand history, and it has unique international characteristics at the time it.

Goyard with great care to protect the excellent heritage, and gradually created Goyard antique leather series, more than 600 pieces of works covered in Goyard Purse each chapter brand growth history. In addition to inheritance significance in history,is Goyard lineup constantly over the inheritance series of the main to thevarious ideas and technology be handed down from age to age, andinexhaustible new products with the biggest source of inspiration.

Although the Goyard succession series in general is not open to the general public, but some important works will be exhibited in Beijing as Goyardboutiques, including a huge trunk.

In addition to previously belonged to Marilyn Monroe, the cocoa - Chanel,Jacques Cartire, Jeanne Moreau celebrities such as luggage, the ”well-known in the world (Luggage fo Fame) trunk Exhibition” will be on display forty Goyardwell-known customer archive portrait series. Activities, a skilled craftsmen willalso introduce hand-painted personalized art Goyard for visitors. This special order in the 1930′s Goh master is cocoa - Chanel. It is the Duke of Westminster to Chanel gift, can imagine every little detail it can meet thedemand of Chanel. The legendary female fashion designers in the pursuit of their work to strict requirements and be strict in one’s demands and famous,covering the box with a layer of black leather can illustrate this point. Thedesign is unusual for Goyard. Another special requirements are not Chaneldrawer. In addition, she also asked the box only with gold

Bijouterie (French for ”jewelry”, also refers to all the metal parts, such as lock,the system box with decorative). Two silver and red stripes and two red capital letters ”C” is the personalized customization. Cocoa - Chanel in times between New York and Paris tour of the Atlantic used this box, and finally gave a very close relationship with her. Goyard Tote  bought it when there is a hat and a corset.It is Chanel friend Russian Grand Duchess Marie recommend Goyard toChanel. The Russian princess, is also Chanel in the 1920′s lover Grand Duke Dimitri’s sister (or sister), she is loyal Goyard customers, heritage series hadonce belonged to her

Exclusive mark Goyard special custom luggage

Exclusive mark, unique personality

In nineteenth Century, with the European travel is becoming increasingly popular, the celebrity to travel on their own equipment has been gradually to apersonal characteristics obviously needs, then every kind of color and badges,and name the initials of the pattern becomes a Goyard Totes unique logo on the suitcase.Senior French luggage maker Goyard can provide this show ingenuitypersonal customization service, foil bag and user noble temperament and unique charm. The Duke of Windsor and the Duchess asked the hand drawnhis name in the suitcase and Goyard, and has a special liking for the verticalsash, bright yellow and red Duke like cheerful, Duchess favored the luxuriousblue and yellow,

So, these exclusive mark one one appeared in their luggage, suitcase andhatbox numerous, wonderful interpretation of the long tradition of La Mancheacross.

Time passes very quickly., marker making craftsmen virtuosity in Goyardworkshop is inherited from generation to generation. Goyard has been strictlyfollowed the luggage tag the great tradition, with pure natural pigments werefull Handmade. In the professional knowledge and excellent team of power, in the workshop every marker making craftsmen can according to customerchoice in each counter, precise and sensitive to their creativity and imaginationinto reality. Counter proposal multitudinous category: customized complicatedformat, font size, Lin Lang sample or a horizontal or vertical beautiful lace, orsingle or multiple combinations, unique trim, profound numbers, Goods are available in all varieties. In addition, Goyard professional team can provideaccording to specific uses, shape, colors and overall coordinationcharacteristics guidance for customers, best results for the needs and desireto harvest and their.

Now, the long-term accumulation of proprietary technology, wealth so that Goyard has a more unique guest. Gabriella Chanel (Coco Chanel) blacksuitcase customized with gilded exquisite ornaments, silver and red two rows oflace is the two red letter ”to stop the separate C” especially against the background too smart, and his family overlap to identify a completely different.Make known Goyard Purse to every family legend pianist Artur Rubenstein (ArthurRubinstein) selection with white substrate, with pure red scepter to write the first letter of the name, at the same time in the lateral mark on his new addressin New York, the idea that only with large luggage he traveled the worldparticularly eye-catching.

The digital age, to the Goyard representation of dream is more convenient and interesting. In order to help the customer handle some basic principles of personalized, Goyard intimate design a practical, interesting and unique onlinemarking simulator, only need to choose a Goyardine tone, you can feel theinterest pattern, color and alphabet magic combination, Goyard personalizedcustom http://www.goyard.cn/cn/ tags. Choose the right mix gently click the button, the corresponding reference data can be sent by email, to the guestskept for reference, or as a basis for future visit counter.

Advanced customization, enjoy what you want

Since the beginning of the rise of the tourism industry, people began to have the pursuit of elegant quality, advocating exquisite material consciousness,and bring forth the new through the old travel articles is given the luggage maker new artistic mission and respected position. The large luggagemanufacturers need to provide regular or special travel products according to the customers different demand for travel. At that time, noble and royal nobilityin early spring, like travel, go to a few months, need a lot of travel box to put a lot of clothes and living supplies, including books, Polo supplies, toiletries, they hope that during travel can be as comfortable as at home. Goyard should bethe guests need to design the suitcase for different purposes, such as Polo kit,roe sauce box, folding bicycle box, fishing tool box, tool box, champagne picnicbox, is creating a precedent. And the first to accommodate the typewriter,paper books and documents of trunk 1920′s design won the patent right shall be granted to the French government luggage department. ”As long as the requirements of the guests, Goyard can do it”, this speech had swept the whole Europe upper classes of society, the celebrities from all walks of lifehave come to Goyard.

In between the two world wars, the Goyard second generation leader Mr. Edmond received from the ”Holmes” author Conan Doyle (Conan Doyle) was achallenging orders: design a paragraph can accompany him on Goyard Tote the endlessjourney ”portable desk”. Goyard production workshop which has created astunning ”writers, it and common trunk” trunk volume is basically the same, butaccording to intend to become a real desk, and is equipped with a folding table, a bookcase, a typewriter and a plurality of documents and manuscriptsto save space.

After half a century, historic store at Saint-Honor é Street No. 233 by showingthe brand’s collection of two extraordinary trunk, to pay tribute to the legacy of Goyard: one is to create a ”1914 lady drawer” that can be used to carryluggage, underwear, dress, hat and shoes; another is in 1911 launched the”drawer”. These two iconic product perfect to show Goyard brand concept, andwindow design simple presented their eternal grace and low-key dreambeauty.